Our Wines

Rod and Jan’s Winemaking Notes, Ratings and Recognition

Keeling-Schaefer wines come from fruit grown on our own estate vineyards. We farm 21 acres of ENTAV, Davis FPS and Tablas Creek French clones on our Home Place Vineyard and our Rock Creek Vineyard. One thing that sets us apart from many wineries is we grow our own fruit and make all of the wine in the winery located on the vineyard. It is a terrific advantage to control all aspects of winemaking, including all of the growing decisions.

In 2004, Herrick Grapevines, of St. Helena, California, supplied us with 7200 ENTAV dormant benchgrafts for our April 2004 planting. These plants are Syrah clones; 174, 383 and 877; and Grenache Noir clones, 513 and 362. In 2007-2009, along with our friends and former partners, Roger and Judy Egan, we planted an additional 10,500 vines, on 12 acres, of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Viognier and Picpoul Blanc on our Rock Creek Vineyard. On the Rock Creek Vineyard, we also planted a UC Davis Syrah #2 clone, an Estrella River Shiraz clone from Australia and a Rockpile Petite Sirah clone from Sonoma County.

Our wines are now available at the Willcox Tasting Room, through our wine club shipments and several of our wines are sold by leading wine retailers, like Total Wine, Albertsons and Safeway, and restaurants in Arizona.


Ratings and Recognition

Best Friends Viognier
2007-89 Points Wine Spectator
2018-92 Points Tastings.com
2019-86 Points Tastings.com

Three Sisters Syrah
2006-Presidential Taste-Off Winner, Wall Street Journal
2007-89 Points Wine Spectator
2009-89 Points Wine Spectator
2014-88 Points Tastings.com

Partners Rhone Blend
2007-88 Points Wine Spectator
2008-84 Points Wine Spectator
2010-84 Points Wine Spectator
2014-90 Points Tastings.com

Two Reds Grenache
2007-86 Points Wine Spectator
2016-84 Points Tastings.com

Farmers Mourvedre
2015-85 Points Tastings.com

Home Place Reserve Syrah
2006-86 Points Wine Spectator
2007-87 Points Wine Spectator

Keeling Brothers Shiraz
2007-87 Points Wine Spectator
2009-88 Points Wine Spectator
2010-86 Points Wine Spectator

In addition to all these ratings we have received over the years, Our wine has been recognized in countless articles and award programs we have not listed here. Jan and I also take satisfaction in the fact that some of these wines have been enjoyed and  become permanent fixtures in the cellars of our over 1000 wine club members and many other friends and customers across the country.  RK

  • Every vintage of Three Sisters Syrah, 2006-through the current release-2015, has been served by Cafe Roka in Bisbee.
  • Three Sisters Syrah has been in Costco in Tucson continually since the 2007 vintage.
  • Three Sisters Syrah is the top selling Arizona varietal wine in Total Wine and More in Arizona.
  • While never rated and sold only to our wine club and in our Willcox Tasting Room, every vintage of our Little Block Petite Sirah has been sold out within weeks of it’s release.